Master of Horror Stephen King Too Frightened to Watch 2014-2015 Philadelphia 76ers

Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Creators: Stephen King, John Mellencamp And T Bone Burnett

He’s given us some of the most terrifying books of all-time that were later made into mostly okay movies. You may think nothing would scare him yet the Master of Horror Stephen King recently admitted to being absolutely terrified of watching the 2014-2015 76ers.

Avoiding the team is easy as King roots for the Boston Celtics. Unfortunately the 76ers do come up frequently on the Celtics’ schedule and if he wants to watch his hometown team play he’s going to have to see the Sixers.

“I can deal with killer dogs, giant bugs, cars, giant bugs, killer clowns, and giant bugs” said King. “This basketball team is something else. They’re absolutely the most frightening thing I have ever seen and I own a mirror.”

King cites everything from the play on the court up to the front office culture for why he is unable to even think about the Sixers this season without soiling himself.

“I’m old, yes, but not so old where I should be shitting my pants while watching a basketball game,” admitted King while also hinting at an idea for a short story.

However in the meantime there will be no new works. Due to the frightening nature of the team, King has decided to take a hiatus from writing scary stories. King is not doing this so much for his own fears as much as he knows there’s no way he could ever compete with this basketball team in the genre of horror.


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