Eagles Stunned to Learn Today was Not Second Bye-Week: Lose to the Green Bay Packers


Blame it on a miscommunication, an error on the schedule, or blatant disregard for paying attention. Whatever you want to scapegoat for today’s Eagles’ loss, the fact remains that someone must have the finger pointed at them for the beating handed to them by the Green Bay Packers due to the team thinking today was their second bye-week.

“I could have sworn we got two,” said wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. “Didn’t we used to get two bye-weeks?”

Coming off a Monday Night victory over the Carolina Panthers, the team had assumed they would have at least another full week off. They were of course wrong and the Packers were left without an opponent. Only because the referees like to call so many penalties was the game actually briefly competitive.

Nobody on the team has fessed up to being the culprit for the absenteeism at Lambeau Field. Defensive back Cary Williams did however complain about the Green Bay heat, citing this as a possible reason for the lapse in judgment.

“We weren’t properly hydrated and I think that’s why none of us realized we had a game today,” said Williams. “We also…”

Williams fell asleep before completing his last sentence.

Next week the Eagles will take on the Tennessee Titans. An opponent they should be able to beat easily, everyone on the roster has added it into the calendars on their phones as another reminder.

To the Eagles’ credit, who can remember when NFL games are scheduled anyway?

It’s a good thing the Eagles didn’t show up to the game or else something like this would have happened:



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