Eagles Fans Crucify Tim Tebow on Twitter – Now Believes He’s Jesus

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos

As if Tim Tebow needed anymore reasons to think he was holier than thou, Eagles fans absolutely crucified the quarterback this past weekend after news broke that the team was giving him an opportunity to make the roster.

Tebow, a religious man by choice and close-mindedness, now believes this makes him even more like his idol, Jesus Christ.

“Jesus was crucified by the Romans and I’m having it done to me by @Goman66 on twitter,” said Tebow. “Our lives are running parallel. I feel closer to him than ever.”

Tebow now believes he is the chosen one. Multiple signs and similarities to Jesus, like suffering from stigmata and working as a carpenter when his football career wasn’t going so well, have convinced the QB he’s the Christian prophet.

It doesn’t appear as if the Eagles will actually sign Tebow nor did they have any intention on doing so. According to an anonymous source with the team that everyone knows is Fred, the Eagles gave Tebow the opportunity because they felt the offseason circus needed to target a religious audience. It seems to have worked because Kirk Cameron was spotted being homophobic while wearing a Kelly Green Eagles’ throwback jersey earlier today.


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