Steve Coates Actually Just One Jacket


Flyers radio announcer Steve Coates has, for years, built a reputation as a fun loving commentator the average fan can appreciate. A new scandal has rocked the Flyers, though, and he’s at the center of it. As it turns out, Coates is a liar. Rather than being more than one coat, he’s actually just one jacket.

“You work with someone this long you think you’d know everything about them,” said television announcer Jim Jackson. Previous to Coates move to radio, he worked closely with J.J. “Our friendship is gone, goodbye!”

Suspicion arose after a recent road game when current partner Tim Saunders went to tip the coat check man and there was an inquiry about the total.

“He told me there was only one jacket there,” said Saunders. “I didn’t understand at first what he meant. Looking closer, I realize my partner had been a fraud all along.”

Further investigation is still needed. Since Coates didn’t break any actual laws and is a literal article of clothing people wear to keep warm and not a person, there really isn’t much the organization can do other than question why they were paying a single jacket all of this money.

Also, since it’s winter, Coates probably won’t go anywhere. Come summertime there is a chance he’s given away to charity or just placed in the back of a closet.


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