New 76ers Mascot Franklin Euthanized After Attacking Fan

franklin mascot

The life of 76ers mascot Franklin was short-lived as the blue dog was last seen hopping into Joshua Harris’ backseat on his way to be euthanized.

Franklin, who debuted midseason in a very timely fashion, reportedly attacked a fan while off leash at the Wachovia Center. Philadelphia has very strict rules against this and the pooch has been put down.

“It’s sad to see him go,” said Joel Embiid. “Whenever I dropped food he was there to eat it up. Now I’m going to have to bend over or be more careful while eating.”

During the brief stint entertaining fans, Franklin created a lot of memories. These momentous occasions include peeing on the opponents’ lawn, chasing his tail in circles, and awkwardly having his large red cock flop out during a picture.

Franklin is now somewhere over the rainbow bridge, more than likely, trying to eat another dog’s shit.


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