Eric Lindros Suffers Head/Dick Injury

eric lindross conc

While suing a former referee for making him look like a dickhead, former Flyers star Eric Lindros suffered yet another devastating injury. According to reports things are going well and Lindros is “behaving like normal” by “picking unnecessary fights.”

There’s no clear determination as to how Lindros was injured or what he hurt, but early reports indicate it was an upper-body injury to his head. Doctors are concerned Lindros’ coronal ridge may have been damaged from this upper-body injury.

“Because Lindros is such a dickhead, his penile glands are far more exposed than the average man,” said Doctor Indian Immigrant. “I’d be worried, for his sake, that doing anything could have some permanent damage.”

Doctors have advised Lindros to wear productive head-gear on his dick until they learn the cause of the injury.

In other news, Lindros’ bowels have been normal with the only exception being how fragile his pieces of shit have been.


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