Sixers Trade Center City Philadelphia for a Small Chunk of Southern Delaware


Just days after a trade deadline featuring the trade of Michael Carter-Williams and K.J. McDaniels, the 76ers made another transaction today to solidify themselves as one of the poorest run organizations outside of a Taiwanese sweatshop.

Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie announced via a non-public appearance that the team had successfully traded Center City Philadelphia to Delaware for a small useless chunk of its territory. This unfortunately does not narrow down exactly which part of Delaware the Sixers will be receiving. In fact, it might be the entire state.

“It was a move looking out for our best interest and the future of this franchise,” said Hinkie in a handwritten notice delivered through a surrogate while Hinkie hid in a bunker. “I have faith that this was the right decision.”

Obviously, any piece of Delaware isn’t as coveted as the center of a major metropolis like Philadelphia. To sweeten the deal, Delaware threw in a second round draft pick which allegedly gave Hinkie a noticeable erection.


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