NFL Combine Replaced with NFL Columbine – Harris and Klebold Shine

Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold

The NFL made another drastic change for this year’s draft as it has foregone the Combine in favor of the Columbine.

The change was a difficult one for many, however, two young stars have shined above the rest: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

“Both of these two kids came to the Columbine firing,” said Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly who appeared very impressed by the two Colorado natives.

Harris and Klebold have blown up social media. They seemed to come out of nowhere, having gone unnoticed by their peers. It seems as if the only way to get the attention they deserved was to take a shot playing professional football.

The Eagles are rumored to pursue one if not both when draft day arrives. The team wants young players with bright futures ahead of them and no off-the-field issues. From what everyone has said, this is exactly the kind of young men Harrris and Klebold are.


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