Greg Goldberg Called Up by Flyers

greg goldberg

The constant Steve Mason injuries have led to a few rough weeks for the Flyers. Ray Emery struggled as did Robert “Plant” Zeppelin in net. This has led to the call up of the first Jewish goaltender in Flyers history in the post-Holocaust Era: Greg Goldberg.

A Philadelphia native who spent his youth in Minnesota, Goldberg came to prominence in the Goodwill Games as the backup goaltender behind Julie “The Cat” Gaffney. Goldberg’s career highlight, though, was scoring the game winning goal in a high school JV vs Varsity match. Goldberg played defense that season due to his father’s cheapness toward not spending money on goalie equipment. As mentioned earlier, he’s Jewish.

“The greatest benefit of Goldberg is his girth,” said former goalie and now general manager for the Flyers Ron Hextall. “He’s a fat kid and takes up most of the net. It’s all you really need these days for a successful goaltender.”

Although the job is not his on a permanent basis, Goldberg believes one day he could start for the Flyers more regularly. Already, he’s unafraid of being hit by the puck thanks to the one time his former coach, Gordon Bombay, strapped him to the net and had everyone shoot pucks at him while chanting his name.

“I am Goldberg the Goalie,” said Goldberg before making a growling sound.


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