Rob Charry Denies Existence of Aliens and Josh Innes

rob charry2

Veteran 94 WIP team member with a very low emphasis on team even though he’s the union guy and should support everyone, Rob Charry, took to the air last weekend to talk about extraterrestrials and their possible existence. Charry firmly believes aliens do not exist as there’d be more tangible proof if they indeed did.

Also a topic of discussion was fellow workmate Josh Innes. Despite a lot of evidence – like pictures, audio, and a social security number – Charry does not believe Innes is real.

“They tried this with Bigfoot before,” argued Charry while writing an update with nothing added to it from three hours earlier but acting like he was stressed about it. “You really expect me to believe Innes is real? It’s a man in a suit.”

DNA samples from several of Innes’ appearances have failed to actually prove he exists since current tests require some sort of testosterone.

“I’m real,” said Innes while standing right next to Charry to which he responded by completely ignoring him then humming lyrics to his favorite Indigo Girls’ song.


2 thoughts on “Rob Charry Denies Existence of Aliens and Josh Innes

  1. I mean, he does have a point. Just because someone has pictures, videos or social security number, doesn’t mean they exist…

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