Howie Roseman Challenges Sam Hinkie to Dungeons and Dragons


Popular among nerds and asexuals, Dungeons and Dragons is a game that pits warlocks against ogres and poindexters against math club presidents.

Former Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has reportedly gotten even more interested in the game than ever before. This has reportedly led to him challenging Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie to a game – according to reports.

Roseman’s character, an archer from the dwarf kingdom, will go to battle with Hinkie’s avatar, a sword wielding dark princess. That is, if Hinkie accepts.

Nobody has seen Hinkie in months leading some to believe he has died. Roseman’s challenge could be a way to draw Hinkie out of hiding as not doing so would ruin his reputation among the D&D community.

Roseman has given no timetable for a response from Hinkie. This is perfect because Hinkie needs at least five years to build anything worthwhile.


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