Per Rob Charry, Tony Bruno Joins Los Lonely Boys Weekdays 1-6pm on 94 WIP

los lonely boys

According to the best darn update man on the station, Rob Charry, the weekdays on 94 WIP will now feature veteran sports talk host Tony Bruno and newcomer Los Lonely Boys.

Few were familiar Los Lonely Boys had an impact at 94 WIP at all until Rob Charry’s year in review where it was revealed at the end just how imperative they were to running the station in 2014. Now in an upgraded role, the Texas-based Chicano band will be talking sports on your drive home weekdays from 1-6pm.

“I’m very excited to work with Los Lonely Boys,” said Bruno. “I’m hoping I can help them find out how far away heaven is because they seem really curious about it.”

Meanwhile, police are investigating the disappearance of former nighttime host Josh Innes. Absent from the year in review Charry made, there has yet to be any new news on where he went or if he ever even existed in the first place.


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