WIP Personality Paul Jolovitz Reviews ‘Batman and Robin’

jolly batman

An expert on the topic of superhero duos if there ever was one, WIP Personality Paul Jolovitz recently reviewed the classic comic book movie Batman and Robin.

“Batman was nothing before Robin,” said Jolovitz. “I do however think by the end of the film Robin was more Batman and Batman was more Robin. I still think Batman was more Batman than he was Robin and Robin was more Robin than he was Batman. I don’t think they could have won if they were both Robins. I also know for sure it would not have worked if Batman was Batman and Robin was Batman. Their egos would have been too big. All Batmans need a Robin and this was what made them work well as a team.”

Jolovitz’s two-hour review of the film continued throughout his show. He gave out 2400 Jolly Points to one caller for correctly identifying the actors who played Batman and Robin in the film, but other than that Jolly seemed very disappointed with the low response rate to his film review from the callers.

“Nobody wants to talk about Batman and Robin?” angrily asked Jolovitz during the show’s third hour. “This classic movie, nobody wants to even acknowledge it? Fine we’ll just talk about the Eagles. I guess we don’t care about great cinematography or art. We’ll talk about what you guys want to talk about then.”

Those within the Paul Jolovitz camp have claimed Jolly plans on doing more movie reviews. Next time he will tackle Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid while trying to figure out which one was the Batman and which was the Robin.


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