“Gone, Goodbye!” – Broadcaster Jim Jackson’s Wife Leaves Him

Anaheim Ducks v Philadelphia Flyers

One of the busiest men in Philadelphia sports, Jim Jackson, is back on the dating market. The television announcer for the Flyers and the Shemp on the radio for the Phillies with Larry Andersen and Scott Franzke updated his Facebook relationship status to single earlier this week.

Jackson discovered his wife was leaving him when he returned home to find a note simply reading “Gone, Goodbye!”

Devastated that his marriage was ending and his wife mocked the one home run call in his arsenal, Jackson took to social media to vent his frustrations and send private messages to females of him wearing nothing but a goatee.

Upon hearing the news, Jackson’s Flyers radio counterpart Tim Saunders gave Jackson some valuable advice:

“You have to set some new gooooooooooals,” said Saunders.


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