Donovan Mcnabb Predicts Three-Way Tie in Super Bowl

donovan mcnabb prediction

Color and colored analyst Donovan McNabb knows a thing or two about football. We cannot however believe he knows more than two.

Recently, McNabb predicted the results of this year’s Super Bowl. Once again not comprehending common sense rules, McNabb is expecting it to end in a three-way tie.

McNabb’s explanation of the impossible scenario included – like his quarterback skills – lots of scrambling and his balls hitting the dirt.

“This might be the worst prediction in history,” said every Chicago Cubs fan who thought they had a chance at a World Series in the last 100 years.

For this scenario to occur, ties would have to be allowed in the postseason and a rule change to include a third team would need to happen. The latter would drastically change the way the game works and bastardize the sport further.

At the very least, McNabb is now aware that there are ties in football. Let’s give him some credit for that.


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