76ers Phoning-It-In Bill a Record High

phone bill

Few people expected the Philadelphia 76ers to compete this season. Those who did also want a smart, funny, intelligent, hard-working, dedicated, family man to sweep them off their feet. These women living in a fantasy world are now shocked to see the 76ers playing as badly as they are.

Never more was it obvious how bad the 76ers are when the December Monthly phoning-it-in bill was received.

“We went way over our monthly allotted minutes,” said coach Brett Brown. “We’re only allowed to phone things in for a quarter each game. The amount we phoned it in was averaging about three and a half quarters a night.”

Owner Joshua Harris was furious upon reading the bill. Having allowed the 76ers to phone-it-in at all, he was mostly upset that they were unable to show responsibility and limit the amount.

Rather than yell or threaten to take away their phoning-it-in privileges, Harris has scheduled a meeting with the 76ers in their bedroom later this week to discuss how little effort they are putting forth. Harris hopes to have a very Danny Tanner-esque moment with the team that results in more trust with each other and a friendly family atmosphere we can all enjoy.


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