Chip Kelly Texts Naked Bootleg Photos to Female Reporter

chip kelly naked bootleg

Often quiet about his personal life, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly broke out of his shell today. The mysteriously mysterious enigmatic enigma reportedly sent photographs of his team running a naked bootleg to a rookie reporter from the Bi-Daily News, Philadelphia’s first bisexual newspaper which coincidentally releases two papers a day.

The female reporter, Donna Osgood, had been covering the Eagles for five years now. She became close with former coach Andy Reid to the point where they could safely exchange texts.

“Whenever [Reid] sent me personal photos the offensive line screened any vulgarity,” said Osgood. “Kelly’s personal album however contains nothing but naked bootlegs and a few images of shotguns.”

Osgood is certainly not the first reporter to deal with this issue. Brett Favre famously texted a picture of a baby’s thumb to that chick with the big knockers, which was later discovered to be his penis.

The question everyone really wants to know is how Kelly’s naked bootleg looks.

As Osgood put it, “It looked a little foolish yet effective. If Kelly ran a little bit more, he’d look better with the naked bootleg.”


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