Flyers’ Right Winger Rush Limbaugh Weight a Concern

rush limbaugh fat

Success on the ice for any player requires agility and endurance. When a player loses either, their statistics go down and skill diminish. To keep these a player must keep in top shape.

For Flyers’ right winger Rush Limbaugh, being in shape was never an issue. In spite of being a pig with few redeeming qualities, Limbaugh has continued to make the roster.

A noticeably larger girth after the most recent road trip has the team concerned that his gut may soon outgrow his gigantic ego.

The Flyers had Limbaugh visit a doctor recently in hopes of blaming the weight gain on big bones. Instead, much of the appointment was spent signing autographs for fans who thought he was Jabba the Hutt.

A special diet has Limbaugh eating nothing but acceptance of others – a food he has always had trouble swallowing. The Flyers are hopeful that one day Limbaugh gets better and can play at least somewhere near center instead of so far to the right where even the most conservative of coaches question his morals.


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