Wayne Simmons Lights a Fire Under the Flyers – Charged with Arson

wayne simmonds fire

Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds continues to impress with each passing season. Several players on the team have been very public about how well he has been able to light a fire under the team.

Once again taking things further than they needed to and assuming every black man is dangerous, police have arrested Simmonds for arson.

“It’s a figure of speech,” yelled Simmonds as he was loaded into his prison cell. “Lighting a fire under someone means you are helping them get better.”

Simmonds is being held in a local county jail until his trial begins. Many are under the impression that since Simmonds is black he could potentially face a lifetime ban from the NHL. It all depends on how well traditionally close-minded hockey fans accept the cliches that describe him.


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