Tony Mack Takes Over Afternoon Drive at 94 WIP

Tony Mack

Back to back years we have seen the show that got me interested in sports again not renew the contract of one of its hosts. In 2013 it was Glen Macnow and in 2014 it was Anthony Gargano. A ratings war they are losing to Mike Missanelli  and his general knowledge on 975 the Fanatic, 94 WIP has decided to bring the old crew back; kinda sorta.

Former Trenton Mayor Tony Mack will begin hosting duties next week on 94 WIP afternoon drive. A political career that ended in corruption – hey it’s New Jersey politics – Mack is what 94 WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom is calling “part Gargano and part Macnow and I only have to pay one person to get it.”

Of course, Bloom’s logic is flawed as the similarities start and end in name. Outside of the 1919 Black Sox and the illustrious career of Pete Rose, Mack knows nothing about sports.

Still, Bloom remains confident that he can learn and cannot pass up on the bargain. With so many leftover bumperstickers from Macnow and Gargano’s time together, he feels this is the best way to get rid of them.


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