Streaky Flyers Discovered in Teenage Boy’s Dirty Underwear


A good way to summarize the 2014-2015 season for the Flyers has been streaky. A handful of losses followed by several wins in a row has been the constant result. Until yesterday, the team was doing quite well until they turned up in a teenage boy’s dirty underwear.

Jon Hass, a 15-year-old from a suburb of Houston, discovered the Flyers on the back part of the inside of his underpants early this morning.

“I knew immediately what it was,” said Jon. “The streak was so long and frustrating, it had to be the Philadelphia Flyers.”

Thinking quickly, Jon attempted to wash his underwear as not to upset his mother, Peggy, who usually does the wash. Just last month they got into an argument over Jon’s wiping habits and the poor skill he displays when it comes to cleaning his own rear-end.

“I was afraid my mom would think the stain was from tacos the other night,” explained Jon. “Who would believe a professional hockey team could fit inside of a boy’s underwear?”

Finally, like the season, the underwear was washed and cleaned.


9 thoughts on “Streaky Flyers Discovered in Teenage Boy’s Dirty Underwear

  1. Well, at least some good thing came out of the season. Hass’ personal hygiene is top of the form now. Oh, and Happy B’day Giroux!!

    On a completely random note, I saw a guy wearing an Eagles jersey in my college.

  2. Also, there might be some truth with Mason Freaky Friday’ng with Crosby. He’s out again… for two weeks… with a “lower body injury”. He should start getting pointers on how to play through the periods

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