Carolina Panthers Prove the NFL Playoffs are Perfect

panthers cardinals

Last Saturday, the 7-8-1 regular season Carolina Panthers hosted a playoff game against the 11-5 Arizona Cardinals. Without question there was nothing wrong with this situation and the Panthers proved so by winning the game handily 27-16 in about a quarter and a half of interesting action.

The victory for the Panthers answered a question many of us had been wondering; is there anything that can be done to improve the NFL playoff system?

Of course, we now know that there is absolutely nothing needed. The system is already perfect as it allows a team with a below .500 record to host a first-round game against a team with 11 regular season wins. Referred to as “parody” by sports experts, it’s just as funny as all of The Naked Gun movies combined.

The flawless playoff system in the NFL is one more reason Commissioner Roger Goodell can hold his chin up high. Goodell has been on a tirade to improve the NFL these last few seasons. Everything from not allowing defensive players to defend offensive players to kicking controversial players under the rug make him what most consider the most respected man in sports.


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