Missing Person Found Trying to Navigate the CBS Philly Website


Missing person Bernie Daniels disappeared 4 months ago after a night of drinking with former high school classmates he still talks to but no longer considers friends. An intensive search throughout the city lasting several afternoons turned up zero results. Today police announced Daniels was discovered lost within the confines of the CBS Philly website.

Daniels was streaming 94 WIP at the time of his disappearance. A poorly written article caught his eye which then led to clicking on a few more. Pop-up ads and slow loading screens caused Daniels to become confused. It didn’t take long before Daniels was officially lost inside of the website.

Police have ordered those who designed the CBS Philly website to rethink everything and make it a bit simpler to travel through. The designers have agreed to do so right after they finish their homework.


3 thoughts on “Missing Person Found Trying to Navigate the CBS Philly Website

  1. I can relate with poor Bernie Daniels… you start clicking random links and suddenly you are watching some mormon-mindfuck-hypnosis-video and you have no idea how you got there.

    And speaking of lost… what IS up with Steve Mason lately? He’s acting like he Freaky Friday’d with Sidney Crosby.

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