94 WIP Hires White Flag to Compete in Afternoon Drive Against Mike Missanelli

white flag

Completely clueless with the direction they’re taking the station in, the executives at 94 WIP have finally found the perfect replacement for former midday host Anthony Gargano.

The station is reportedly in serious talks with a white flag to wave from 1-6pm every day, knowing they cannot possibly compete with Mike Missanelli.

Missanelli, a former employee at 94 WIP, is best known for talking about the past and reminding everyone listening to the online stream how 975 The Fanatic never pays for the rights to any of the games. He’s also full of general knowledge, which to some may translate into having nothing new to offer anyone.

Considering 94 WIP has struggled to beat the outdated Missanelli in the ratings, the white flag might be the perfect solution.


4 thoughts on “94 WIP Hires White Flag to Compete in Afternoon Drive Against Mike Missanelli

  1. Just listened to Josh and Rob. It was brutal. There’s just nothing there between them. Also Josh being so antagonistic towards callers is a complete turn off. Angelo’s jumped the shark. The station’s going down the toilet.

    • Agreed on that last part. Unfortunately 975 The Fanatic is pretty bad. I haven’t heard Josh and Rob together. I like Ellis solo and Innes with lots of Farzetta to compliment. I’ll still keep listening because I don’t have cable.

      • I agree, now for Philly sports it is the lesser of 2 evils. When I want really intelligent sports analysis, I am glad I get 660 The Fan from NY with Mike Francesca. It is like Jon Stewart vs Bill O’Reilly.

      • You must live in Central Jersey I’m guessing to get Philly and NYC? I grew up there. It’s one of the nice benefits other than not being near Camden or Newark.

        What do you think of Innes and Bruno? It feels too temporary to me…

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