LeBron James Will Not Play Against 76ers – Tickets Still Twice as Much

lebron cavs

Like a prostitute, the price fans pay for a basketball game depends on who is involved. A crackwhore or the a bad team in a lousy city will be far less expensive than an upscale call-girl or a team with a superstar like LeBron James.

Hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow night, the team that currently feeds James’ ego, the 76ers had been selling tickets to the game for twice as much as the regular price. James is currently out with an injury and will not participate in tonight’s game. Despite James’ absence, the 76ers continued to advertise him as active and sell tickets for $5 instead of the usual $2.50 you can find anywhere online.

To avoid angering fans who bought tickets to see James play, the 76ers have announced a pre-game ceremony where they will remind the fans about how great they will be in 5 years. The ceremony will include a special thanks from Joshua Harris to the fans for being there for the ride as well as a 2014-2015 schedule magnet which will include every game first round picks Joel Embiid and Dario Saric will play in this season.

Management is hopeful that even with James out of the lineup for the Cavaliers fans can still enjoy an evening at the Wells Fargo Center on their cell phones watching Monday Night RAW – a fake sport far more interesting than anything the Sixers have done this season.


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