Chip Kelly Outcoached by Woman with Coach Purse


The genius head football coach, Chip Kelly, met his match earlier this week when he was out coached by a woman with a pair of Coach purses.

“I thought one coach purse was enough,” said Kelly. “However, I learned the hard way that in the pros you need several good coaches to be your best.”

Being out coached is nothing new for Kelly. He was outcoached back in the 1980s by Ted Danson during auditions for the sitcom Coach. I have also personally outcoached Kelly in regards to flying on a plane, as I have never once hurdled through the air on a container death trap while seated in first class. Kelly, he never flies coach.

One experience Kelly has yet to have is being out Coacharella’ed. Since the music festival’s creation, Kelly hasn’t missed a show.

To get the Eagles into the playoffs next season, it will take more than good coaching. In addition to the new handbags, Kelly will need to accessorize in other ways. Perhaps matching heels with his Coach purse can put his team over the edge and give the team some sense of importance.


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