Eagles Playoff Tickets Air-Dropped into Afghanistan

air drop

The good boy and girl (yes, singular) of Afghanistan are in for a treat as President Barack Obama has ordered unused 2014-2015 Eagles playoff tickets to be air-dropped into the country.

Along with expired coupons to Circuit City and a map of Atlantis, the playoff tickets have no real value to people living in the United States. As they are received in Afghanistan there’s no telling what those creative people can turn them into.

A kind gesture by the president, some are worried this could result in a new war. While the country has not yet learned the Eagles missed the playoffs, they were still smart enough to know they would have lost in the first round. Hopefully by sometime next week we will know for certain whether this is seen as a gift or an act of aggression. Either way, we can count on them being really pissed off.


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