Eagles’ Season Ends Prematurely – Swear “This Never Happens”


A year that could have very well ended with a first round loss at home in the playoffs will end prematurely for the Eagles. Three straight losses at the end of the season helped the hated Dallas Cowboys capture the division and steal the Eagles chance to lose in the first round of the playoffs. Instead, it will be the Cowboys losing in the first round of the playoffs.

“We swear this never happens,” said the Eagles in regards to the premature ending to the season. “Let’s try again in five minutes.”

Unfortunately for the Eagles they will have to wait more than five minutes to play a meaningful game. Although they play the New York Giants tonight at the Meadowlands, the outcome of the game will have us much of an impact as earning 3,000 Jolly Points from Paul Jolovitz.

The Eagles will spend the offseason working alone on their endurance hoping it will eventually lead to a possible trip to the playoffs in season three of Chip Kelly. Like season three of True Blood, many suspect it has to be better than the awfulness of season two. No matter what though, we’ll still be watching.


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