Glen Macnow to Replace Anthony Gargano on 94 WIP


Noticeably absent from the airwaves of 94 WIP over the last few days or weeks, I don’t know because I have a job, Anthony Gargano has officially left the station due to an apparent low-ball offer to renew his contract. In need of a replacement, the station has asked his former partner Glen Macnow to take over the mid-days with Rob Ellis.

When presented with his contract, Gargano reportedly told station management that it was “a violation” to offer him a salary as low as they did.

The current plan for 94 WIP is to rotate between Macnow and Gargano for several years without ever having a steady host in the middle of the day. They’re hoping, like they did with Howard Eskin, that there are no sour grapes and they can appease the fans by placing Gargano temporarily on the weekends in smaller doses.

There is still a good chance Gargano goes to the rival 975 The Fanatic and spends the day playing Best Of Mike Missanelli clips like everyone else is forced into doing.


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