Eagles’ Right Guard Continues to Struggle

DEODORANT Right Guard Stick

The offensive line for the Eagles has been shaky this season. Some days they look like Pro-Bowlers and others they look as athletic as professional bowlers. One player in particular struggling this season has been their right guard, Right Guard.

A popular brand of deodorant, the Eagles thought his reputation as more than a deodorizer would make him the perfect fit in Eagles’ green. Things have however not been so good as defensive players have been able to easily step over the stick of deodorant–some going as far as applying him to their own under arms in taunting fashion.

“The offensive line needs to work as a unit to be effective,” said Jason Peters. “I think Right Guard is doing much better than most people realize. If anything it’s the Old Spice we have out there. That thing just needs to retire.”

Last week Right Guard was pummeled at the line by defensive tackle Speed Stick. As you can imagine, Speed Stick’s quickness is what made him difficult to defend.

Since a quarterback as unreliable and stinky as Mark Sanchez remains behind center, the Eagles will have to hope Right Guard gets his head in the game and gels better with the rest of the line.


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