Bob Boone Drops C-Word on Live TV – Pete Rose There to Hit Dump Button

boone rose

During a recent appearance on a local news show, retired catcher Bob Boone went into foul territory when asked his opinion on the state of the Phillies. Disappointed with the organization, Boone delivered a five-minute diatribe which included lots of light swearing and a big c-bomb.

Boone immediately knew he made an error and it could be seen by the reaction on his face. Luckily for Boone, his old teammate Pete Rose was there to catch the bad word by hitting the television station’s dump button.

“I’m very thankful for Pete,” said Boone. “He really bailed me out this time. But back in the 1980 World Series, that was all his ball. Stop pretending he made a great play. A catcher shouldn’t have to go that far for a pop up.”

Rose didn’t seem to care much about Boone’s denial that without him, he would be one of Philadelphia’s biggest goats.

“Two to one odds Boone never admits he was wrong,” said Rose. “I’ll go double or nothing.”

Between these two, it appears the past is still a fragile thing. The important thing though is no one was harmed and children will have to wait to hear the c-word during a violent fight between their parents.


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