Even Meryl Streep Cannot Act Excited for 76ers

38th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Mike Nichols - Award Presentation

It was once believed that actress Meryl Streep could play any role. The winner of countless awards for pretending to be someone else, Streep has had a Hollywood career most of us could only wet-dream of. One role, however, that she has been unable to master is the one of a 76ers fan.

The Untitled Project Streep is currently attached to places her right at the center of the current 76ers rebuild. Streep has said she is playing a fan of the team, but has struggled to find the motivation to actual believe this team has a chance at turning things around.

“In Sophie’s Choice I had to choose between my son and my daughter,” said Streep. “In this movie, I have to choose between common sense and fantasy. Thinking the 76ers have any chance at playing so bad that they become good again is the fantasy and I’m just not buying it.”

Pretending to be a 76ers fan has been so hard on Streep that some believe she may even retire once the film is complete.

“She’s beginning to actually look her age,” said Streep’s co-star in the film Chris Burke best known for his role as Corky in Life Goes On. “I understand how she feels though. I’m playing Sam Hinkie and it’s making me question my own integrity.”

The film is set to release in Fall of 2015. By this point, the Sixers are expected to have a winning percentage at around .060.


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