Ruben Amaro Jr. and Sam Hinkie Unhappy with Inaccurate Biographical Portrayals in ‘Dumb and Dumber To’

amaro hinkie

Rarely can a movie about a general manager succeed. For some reason Moneyball, a film about a man masquerading as a baseball genius, was popular among fans and critics despite sucking.

It was believed Philadelphia had its own movie about their GMs come out earlier this year when in mid-November Dumb and Dumber To hit theaters. The film was widely praised for how accurately it captured Phillies’ GM Ruben Amaro Jr. and 76ers’ GM Sam Hinkie. They, however, disagree.

“We never had a cross-country journey!” claimed Amaro Jr. “Facts like this were put in the film and I’m not sure why. It makes far less sense than signing Jimmy Rollins to a long contract even though he hadn’t been productive for 2 years.”

Hinkie was also upset, but to a lesser degree. He understands in order to get better you must first hit rock bottom again and again and again.

“Although totally inaccurate,” Hinkie began, “I agree with the directors methodology. Making us look as bad in the film as they did sets expectations so low that even the way things really happened couldn’t compare. When people know the truth, we will look smarterer.”

The most interesting tidbit about this story seems to be Amaro Jr. and Hinkie assuming the movie was about them based solely on the title, which happens to be the case as it has nothing to actually do with them. This might be a case of actual awareness and ego.

In all fairness to them, the movie did come out in 2014 and neither has done anything right all year-long. What’s one more insurmountable error?


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