Ed Snyder Threatens to Pull Over Team Bus During Road Trip

school bus

Flyers Owner Ed Snyder has done a lot for the organization. Two Stanley Cups in the 1970s when Elvis was still alive and years of torment after–making it great when they finally do win!–has been the defining legacy of Snyder.

Something you may not know about him is that he sometimes drives the team bus and for a man his age, does use the turn signal.

On the recent road trip the Flyers had down the West Coast, Snyder reportedly got so angry with his team he threatened to pull the bus over and make them all walk home. No exact known cause has been confirmed however the severity of the punishment was notably harsh since many players on the Flyers struggle to get from one end of the ice to another let alone across the country by foot.

“He’s given us warnings like this in the past,” said Matt Read. “We never took them seriously until he made Vincent Lecavalier sit underneath with the luggage.”

Snyder’s motivational tactics, although unorthodox enough to give Chip Kelly a boner, remain a mystery in terms of effectiveness.

The next time the Flyers take the ice, we will see if they indeed did get the shit scared out of them. If not, Snyder may need to make another stupid transaction.


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