WIP Weekend and Fill-In Radio Host without a Background in Reporting Marc Farzetta Reports False News on Santa Claus’s Existence


December is here and before we know it Christmas will be too. A big part of Christmas is the arrival of Santa Claus, sometimes referred to as “Santy Claus” by your pedophile uncle because he thinks mispronouncing words will help him relate to children better. Coincidentally, that same uncle is a big fan of listening to WIP’s radio progrums–and yes, he calls them progrums.

Everyone in the Delaware Valley is feeling the Christmas Spirit, especially WIP’s weekend and fill-in radio host without a background in reporting Marc Farzetta.

This past weekend while filling in and not having a background in reporting, Farzetta sent out a Tweet claiming the University of Florida reached out to Santa Claus for the vacant head coaching position. The information has since been declared dubious as Farzetta does not have a background in reporting and is a weekend and fill-in host. Plus, how often do you get to use the word dubious?

While filling in for another host, Farzetta apologized on-air and over the weekend for his lack of background in reporting.

“I’m not a reporter,” admitted Farzetta. “I was just trying to spend my weekend filling in all 140 characters on Twitter and got carried away. My lack of background in reporting showed and I’m very sorry for my false claim that Santa Claus would be filling in the vacant position of head coach at the University of Florida announced sometime this weekend.

To hear more of Mr. Farzetta, tune into 94 WIP whenever another host needs someone to fill in or it’s the weekend and you want to hear someone without a background in reporting–like every goddamn person in the world these days. So who really cares?


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