The Nation Mourns the Loss of Jamie Moyer in the Phillies’ Broadcast Booth

Phillies pitcher Moyer speaks at a news conference before practice for the World Series in Philadelphia

Following a Thanksgiving dinner with his children all of whom are now in their 40s, former Phillies pitcher turned broadcaster Jamie Moyer announced that he would not be returning in 2015 to provide color commentary again. Fans and colleagues have been paying tribute to the man whose commentary made us all forget about Harry Kalas.

“Gone, Goodbye!” said Jim Jackson, radio broadcaster for the Phillies wishing Moyer well.

Moyer’s one season on the television broadcast will be remembered best for his clever remarks like “uuuuuuHHHHHuHHHHHuuuu” and the sounds of typing on a computer most likely double-checking knowledge he already had.

Moyer was very gracious for the time the Phillies allowed him to watch them lose. At the age of 283-years-old, it’s probably best for his health that he finds a new job next season. With all of the protesters at WalMart, he may want to go scab join Kimmo Timonen as a greeter.


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