Flyers Happy to Have Phantoms Closer to Home – Phantoms Not Happy About Parents Prying


As far as convenience goes, nothing was better for the Flyers than having their ACHL team, the Philadelphia Phantoms, playing right across the street. Then the Phantoms moved to upstate New York; Adirondack to be exact. They’re back closer again, now in Lehigh Valley, and the proud parental Flyers are happy to have the Phantoms closer again to pry into their lives and keep a watchful eye on them.

“I thought getting away from home would be good for me,” said the Phantoms. “I spent a few years in New York, but admittedly I was a little homesick.”

Unable to move back into their old bedroom because it has been turned into a shitty bar, the Phantoms had to settle for living a few towns over from the Flyers in the quaint town of Lehigh Valley. Rent is also cheaper there and as a younger team they can afford to make financial mistakes.

“We’re all very glad the Phantoms moved closer to home,” said the Flyers. “Now we can go out to dinner with them and ask them to help us with things around the Wachovia Center whenever we are too old or frail to do it. This was a move everyone will benefit from.”

Already the Flyers have invited themselves over frequently to the new home of the Phantoms. Due to their age and the built-in guilt the Flyers have placed on the Phantoms, they are too nice to tell them to fuck off.



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