Eagles Look to Stop Cowboys’ Running Game – Ask McCoy to Give Murray Advice

mccoy murray

DeMarco Murray is having his best season yet. He leads the NFL in rushing yards and is a big reason why even with Tony Romo’s aching back they are a potential playoff team. A defense lacking of late, the Eagles are going to need to ask everyone on the team to stop the Dallas Cowboys’ running game on Thursday including asking their own running back LeSean McCoy to give Murray some advice.

McCoy’s season has been far different from the one Murray has had. However, his reputation is still as one of the league’s best running backs so it is the Eagles’ belief that if he were to offer advice to Murray it could help the Eagles more than the Cowboys since McCoy has clearly forgotten how to run.

“We want McCoy to tell Murrray everything he does,” said Coach Chip Kelly. “We want him to describe in detail each run he has had this year. How he values going side-to-side instead of down the field. McCoy believes he’s still a great player so if he can convince Murray of the same, and Murray sees the advice as valuable, we may be able to stop him.”

For this strategy to work the Eagles will be relying on Murray being unfamiliar with McCoy’s fall from the top. This would mean Murray is stupid and slightly illiterate. As an employee of the Cowboys, it’s a likely thought.

Just like the tips he leaves for waiters, the Eagles are hopeful the ones he gives Murray will be really shitty.


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