Domonic Brown Wins 2014 NL Mold Glove Award

dominic brown mold glove

His fielding isn’t very pretty. It isn’t smooth. It isn’t clean. That may be exactly why Phillies’ left fielder Dominic Brown’s glove didn’t lose its virginity until it was 30. Expecting it to win an award is very unlikely however with today’s Mold Glove Awards announced, our expectations were shattered.

Along with several of baseball’s other worst fielders, Brown was a recipient of the first ever Mold Glove Awards. An award given annually to the fielders whose glove work caused the most racial epitaphs to be screamed at the television set by ans watching at home, Brown is in far from elite class.

Notable players joining brown are Los Angeles Dodgers’ shortstop Sammy “No Arms” Davidson, Gary Carter’s corpse, and Pittsburgh Pirates’ third baseman Pedro Alvarez. All men receiving this award will be honored with a piece of moldy bread shaped into a baseball glove.

According to sources, Brown was elated to receive the award. It was extra special because totally didn’t see it coming and completely misjudged his odds at winning.


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