Chip Kelly’s College Offense Mixing Well with Community College Defense

community college defense

Doubters will suggest Eagles’ Head Coach Chip Kelly’s college offensive is better utilized at the amateur, but paid a lot under the table game, like how he implemented it during his time at Oregon. So far though, Kelly has shown he can coach a team capable of scoring lots of points and it has helped the Eagles win a lot of games in the year and a half he has been here.

The clear weakness known from the start was his defense. This year though, Kelly has decided to work a little harder at keeping the opponent out of the end zone. To accomplish this, Kelly has begun using what some are calling the Community College Defense.

Less expensive than a real defense and finished in half the time, the Community College Defense is useful as a quick solution to please your pushy mom or dad who are determined to crush your dreams of ever touring the country in a rock band. It’s also for people who gave up too early in high school and the generally stupid among us.

The age of the defensive players is of a wider bracket and includes recent graduates as well as players desperately clinging to any hope of turning their life around. Often divorced or broken, these elder players come off as creepy or pushy due to their high enthusiasm for learning.

While a few still think the team needs a better defense, the majority are glad they didn’t take a year off to “find themselves.” Because really who wants to go back to doing work after a year of keggers?

Will this new defensive strategy work?


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