KJ McDaniels’ Mom Uses the Internet in the Best Way Possible: Whining

Senior Woman Using Laptop

Most of our moms are clueless when it comes to technology. They don’t understand the difference between a toaster and a vibrator or which one you shouldn’t stick a fork inside of.

The mother of 76ers rookie KJ McDaniels is an exception to this as she fully understands how to utilize the internet to its full capacity for its highest purpose: whining.

Ms. Chapman McDaniels recently tweeted from what we can at least assume was an outdated personal computer brand like a Dell, her frustrations with the team. Lady McDaniels is upset that her son has yet to experience a win in an NBA game and it’s totally not partly his fault at all is it?

After locking herself out of Twitter when she forgot her password then spent two days trying to reset it because the text size on her computer was too small to read, McDaniels responded to a tweet from Russell Simmons with a passive aggressive comment about the 76ers and their losing ways. When she got no response from Russell Simmons, she made a similar comment to fitness guru Richard Simmons, but by accident because she’s someone’s mom and that usually makes a woman a little less coherent.

McDaniels has since deleted her Twitter account by which we can assume was an accident. Her online time will probably now be spent on Pinterest looking at other people’s wedding photos.


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