LeSean McCoy Rushes for 2,000 Yards as Predicted – Includes Games, Practices, and Daily Activities

lesean 2000

He talked the talk and now LeSean McCoy has walked the walk. A preseason prediction that he would rush for 2,000 yards this season has been reached thanks largely to a fault in logistics.

“Well, I never said it all had to be in a football game,” McCoy quipped.

According to the pedometer he wears to track his daily steps, McCoy reached the 2,000 yard rushing mark while shopping at Acme. Few of the fellow shoppers even noticed as it was late and the foods most of them had in their carts were pointless and filled with empty calories.

This is the first time McCoy has ever reached the 2,000 rushing mark in a single-season. The closest he came last season. McCoy has since began parking further away from the store whenever running errands, thus making the milestone more achievable.

To honor McCoy’s achievement, Chip Kelly will call an extra run-play which most likely will result in a tackle behind the line of scrimmage thus pushing the 2,000 yards into the rearview mirror. This will however allow Shady to do it all over again and he will definitely make it seem like something wonderful.


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