Outrageous: LeSean McCoy Believes the 2012 Eagles Could Have Beaten the 1992 Dream Team


In an interview conducted almost a full week ago, but I got too lazy to report on it until now, Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy told 94 WIP’s Anthony Gargano that he believes the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles could have beaten the legendary 1992 Olympic Dream Team.

“I think the 2012 Eagles were just as…no, more talented than the 1992 Dream Team,” said McCoy on The Player’s Lounge segment hosted by Gargano.

McCoy went on to give unspecific examples of how great the 4-12 team he thinks so fondly of could possibly take on the greatest basketball team ever assembled at their own sport.

“With [Michael] Vick leading us and DeSean [Jackson] giving us speed on the outside I can’t see how anyone at any sport could ever beat us at anything,” explained McCoy. “I would even take us over the 1927 New York Yankees in a baseball game.”

Intrigued by his outburst of confidence, ESPN simulated a basketball game between the 2012 Eagles and 1992 Dream Team. The end result was a 983-6 beating which included Riley Cooper fouling out due to racial slurs hurled at Patrick Ewing and Vince Young killing himself in the third quarter because the pressure was too much.

Furthermore, McCoy’s claim has little value as the team actually lost to a ventriloquist on America’s Got Talent. If you cannot beat a grown man with his hand up a puppet’s asshole, how can you ever call yourself talented at anything?


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