Phillies Eyeing Bucket of Used Baseball for Ryan Howard

bucket baseballs

Experienced and covered in dirt, a bucket of used baseballs might be the key to getting Ryan Howard out of Philadelphia. Reports indicate defending World Series losing Kansas City Royals are interested in the first baseman and have an old bucket of baseballs they are willing to part with to bring the Big Piece to KC.

“We could really use the baseballs,” said Manager Ryne Sandberg. “Last year we lost a bunch from errant throws during practices. We’d all miss Howard, but the needs of many outweigh the huge contract of one.”

The bucket the baseballs would come in is not in the best shape, but neither is Howard. Last season he led the MLB in strikeouts and had as many timely hits as you have people in your life who love you.

So far everything the organization has said makes the public believe they are seriously thinking about trading away Howard. In fact, the Phillies may do it just for the thought of a bucket of baseball. When it comes to a veteran as unproductive as him, sometimes the thought is the only thing that counts.


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