Flyers Change “Upper Body Injury” to “Upper Body Boo-Boo” for Young Team

flyers injury

Due to the age of the team and how young they are, the Flyers made the decision today to no longer refer to a hurt player as injured. Going forward the team will call any pain the players suffer boo-boos.

The organization believes that implementing this new vocabulary word will connect with its young players more. Words like injury or strain or tear sound painful. The term boo-boo has a more pleasant ring to it and is something that will surely benefit them in the future.

Suffering the first boo-boo under the new system was Michael Raffl. Raffl was evaluated by the team doctor after the game then given a lollipop and a choice of sticker to take home with him.

Unfortunately the Flyers still have no plans on actually identifying the location of any injury. Instead the team will call them upper body boo-boos and lower body boo-boos. Perhaps we shouldn’t know where a player who had his head slammed into the ice is actually injured.


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