Impractical Jokers ‘The Tenderloins’ Admit to Greatest Prank Ever – Working in the GM’s Office for the Phillies

impractical jokers

If you have ever seen the television show ‘Impractical Jokers’ you will know how much best friends the Italian guy, the fat guy, the bald guy, and the other fat guy love practical jokes. You will also know how far they are willing to go to make us all laugh and feel foolish.

Known as The Tenderloins, this sketch group admitted today that they had been pulling their greatest prank ever over the last two years.

“We have been behind all of the transactions the Philadelphia Phillies made since 2012,” said the fat guy.

The four then laughed and tried to promote their show Joker’s Wild. Everyone watched one episode then stopped because nobody likes them when scripted.

“We didn’t think this prank could ever go this far,” said the Italian guy. “We’re sorry to Philadelphia. We were just going to keep doing it until nobody showed up to the games anymore, but they’re so faithful some did come.”

Not in on the prank was General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. According to the bald guy, Amaro Jr. “continually gave us his blessing with all of the moves we made without once questioning what the hell we were doing.”

The Tenderloins are actually considering adding Amaro Jr. to their group. The fat guy said, “If there’s anyone out there more willing to make a fool of himself than [Amaro Jr.] I haven’t met him.”

Impractical Jokers can be seen Thursday nights on TruTV because every channel is now basically the same thing.


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