WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom to Recreate Old Episodes of PBS’s ‘Zoom’ Calling It ‘Bloom’


Operations Manager Andy Bloom at 94 WIP loves kids! Not on a creepy way either. He doesn’t touch them or anything. Really like any beer guzzling grizzly man he hates kids, but loves how much money they can convince their parents to spend which he can then turn around and buy presidential coins with.

Fully aware of the cash he can load up on by marketing himself to youth, Bloom will spend the weekend in his garage recreating bits from the old kid’s show ‘Zoom.’ However in this case as each part in every skit will be performed by Bloom, the show will be named after him.

In a statement released to the public, Bloom thanked viewers like you for their generous donations. For those who have reviewed the show negatively, Bloom reminds them that they get what they pay for and most people don’t donate dick to PBS.

For 94 WIP this means the boss will be out of town for a few weeks as he focuses on this new project. If things go the way he plans it will, Bloom may pour some money into rebooting the Tomb Raider video game franchise where instead of playing as Lara Croft you can play as Andy Bloom in short shorts.


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