Chris Wheeler Accidentally Kills Prostitute at Local Hotel – The Middle Inn

middle inn

Former Phillies broadcaster turned paycheck collector Chris Wheeler turned himself into police today after he reportedly killed a prostitute. Wheeler insists it was an accident and will be facing trial for murder.

The incident took place at the Middle Inn, a favorite hot spot of Wheeler’s. The body of 23-year-old Robert D’Amico, a transgendered “it” of the night, was bludgeoned to death several times with common sense baseball facts. Wheeler’s lawyer maintains the stance that his client was not participating in any activities with the deceased other than trying to teach it more about baseball.

Fellow tenants at the Middle Inn at the time of the murder reported that they heard “screams” and “people reaching for the mute button”.

Since Wheeler has presumably already confessed to the murder, the trial should not be too drawn out. Since it involves Wheeler though, we should expect it to go on for a little too long.


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