Sports Franchise Owner Joshua Harris Looks to Turn Around a New Franchise: Denny’s

Image: Denny's breakfast

Another basketball season underway, the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, some soccer team in England, and several other groups of men who try to accumulate more points than another group of men in a different colored uniform–Joshua Harris is looking to purchase yet another franchise. Instead of sports though, this franchise Harris will be turning around is Denny’s.

“A lot of people will bad mouth Denny’s and say it’s not as good as IHOP or the local diner,” said Harris. “I have really good hopes for Denny’s in the future though. This is a rebuilding phase of the once franchise and one I know we can turn around.”

In the meantime, Harris is employing the worst possible workers he can at Denny’s to the point where he can get a government bailout from the eventual bankruptcy. His restaurant ownership strategies appear to be very similar to the way he managers a sports team. The only difference is Harris can actually pronounce everything on the menu unlike being able to pronounce the name of everyone drafted in the first round.


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