Nate Allen Defends a Woman’s Right to Choose – Abortion Made Illegal

nate allen

Safety Nate Allen knows the importance of a woman’s right to choose. Since joining the Eagle,s he has been very vocal about his opinion on women being in charge of what they do with their pregnancies. Unfortunately for those hoping to get an abortion, Allen is not the guy you should have picked to defend your beliefs.

The United States Government has officially passed a law today completely forbidding abortion. They have also outlawed all forms of birth control including the pill, condoms, and pulling out then cumming on her tits.

“Their mistake was having Nate Allen as the guy to defend them,” said President Barack Obama. “I just can’t side on anything that man defends. He simply cannot be trusted.”

Many women are worried about their limited options when it comes to pregnancy. Do they go through with it and bring a child into this cruel world of people wanting to abort them or do they abort them illegally? Whatever the case may be, expect a lot more traffic 17 years from now.


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